3.450,00 incl. btw

Dimensions (lxbxh):: 87 x 50 x 110 cm

Weight: 30 kg
Shipping: 4-6 weeks

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The Totem, Montrini’s latest innovation, redefines the display of large and valuable books with its unparalleled design and high-end features. This unique product, previously unseen in the market, elevates the presentation of books to an art form.

Craftsmen carefully select European walnut wood, a material that complements both modern and classic interiors, to create the foundation of the Totem. They use solid wood only, avoiding veneers or substitutes, ensuring the final product’s quality is visibly superior. They meticulously process, finely sand, and impeccably finish the wood, achieving a flawlessly smooth surface that protects your book.

Montrini specifically designs the floor stand to support even the heaviest books, integrating two steel pins into the base for added stability. They have ingeniously incorporated a sliding system into the wood, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly of the two legs. They position the book to gently incline toward the reader, making it inviting and accessible.

If you seek a distinctive, high-quality bookstand that will endure for decades, the Totem is your ideal choice. It serves not only as a functional item but also as a centerpiece in any interior, ensuring that the spotlight always remains on the displayed book. Each stand also features a solid brass nameplate that gracefully ages, developing an authentic patina that enhances its historical value.

The photos are for illustrative purposes only; variations in wood grain and structure are natural characteristics of solid wood. The book shown in the images is not included.

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