3.450,00 incl. btw

Dimensions (lxbxh):: 87 x 50 x 110 cm

Weight: 30 kg
Shipping: 1-3 working days

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The Totem, Montrini’s latest product, is designed to showcase the largest and most valuable books in a manner befitting their importance. Every aspect of the Totem is high-end and unique, representing a product unseen in the market before.

The foundation of the Totem is meticulously selected European walnut wood, a material seamlessly blending with both modern and classic interior styles. Crafted entirely from solid wood, devoid of veneer or substitute materials, this level of quality is evident in the final product. The wood is carefully processed, finely sanded, and impeccably finished, resulting in a flawlessly smooth surface that ensures the protection of your book.

The floor stand is specially crafted to present even the heaviest books, with two steel pins discreetly integrated into the base for added stability. The two legs are easily assembled/disassembled using a sliding system, subtly incorporated into the wood. The book is gently inclined toward the reader, inviting exploration.

If you’re in search of a unique, high-quality bookstand that will last for decades, the Totem is the product for you. A true centerpiece for your interior, ensuring the spotlight remains on the presented book. Additionally, this Montrini stand features a solid brass nameplate that ages gracefully, developing an authentic patina over time.